Friday, February 29, 2008

Roll On...

Now that my 15 minutes are up I thought I'd get back to work. I just finished this piece and am trying to come up with a suitable title. My life has been a wee bit stressful lately...I think the birds represent my children, lovely hungry little things who like lots of attention and to be driven to many places. I drew them as birds so they could fly themselves to their various activities and leave me to my latte!

15 Minutes of Fame

Andy Warhol once said that everyone is entitled to 15 minutes of fame- or something to that effect. I did an interview and a photo shoot a few months ago for a local magazine- Maple Grove Magazine. It was a lot of fun. We discussed my work, my inspiration and the balancing act that is motherhood. About a month after the interview a photographer came and took pictures of me in my natural habitat- a.k.a. my home studio. It was more work to pose for a good shot than I would have expected- you definitely won't be seeing me on America's Next Top Model anytime soon. We ended up with a few good shots including one with me wearing my filthy apron and my hands covered in pastel chalk. As it turns out that particular shot made the cover of the magazine. My only request to the photographer was that he was generous with the airbrush tool in photoshop. I was hoping for fewer crows feet.

I had no idea the issue was out until I walked into my hair salon and everybody knew me...wierd! Anyway, my kids have decided that I'm famous-maybe they will listen to me now. I decided that I will enjoy my fifteen minutes until times up!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Little Pockets of Happiness

I just finished a book called Water for Elephants.It was a great story about an old man remembering his life working on the circus trains. I'm not necessarily a circus person,but when I opened the book I was immediately sucked in. There is a line in the story that struck a chord in me,it referred to the old man's moments of clarity in remembering his past as little pockets of happiness. It made me think about my own pockets of happiness like eating icecream,a good latte or enjoyng the fleeting calm moments with my children. I just finished this pastel and it reflects on just those things.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Momentary Pause

I thought that I would post a piece that I just completed. It is about being still and taking a pause from the hectic flow of life. Hmmm....That almost sounds spiritual. I like the idea of just being. I know that my life is filled with children and the activities that come with them, but lately I have felt the need to slow down the pace and take things one step at a time. The image itself is full of pattern and color, but the figure is taking a pause from the insanity of life.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Two Ladies and A Dog

I have been slaving away in the warmth of my studio avoiding the bitter cold of another lovely Minnesota winter. I just completed this as yet untitled pastel on paper. I am calling it Two Ladies and a Dog until I can think of a better title. The image reminds me of when I used to have play dates with my kids. The poses of the figures look to me like they are straining to hear if their kids are crying in another room. I switched my usual wine bottle for an Italian Soda...I found a new love. But the standard coffee cup is still floating on my usual mess of things. The color combination is a bit seventies to me, but I like it.

Manly Man

I am continuing my work on my current comission project. The first version of my loving couple needed some tweaking. I knew I was in trouble when my ten year old daughter came into my studio and commented, "Why is the lady sitting on another ladies' lap?

She spoke what I was thinking and my client noticed the lack of manliness too. I should definitely start drawing more men in my images. So I went into another round of sketches and also looked closely at images of men. When I finished I asked the advice of my toughest kids. I got a thumbs up from the ten year old. She thought the man looked muscular and she liked his hair. I thought he turned out pretty darn cute too. Below is the final version.