Monday, April 14, 2008

The Big Easy

Big Easy Daiquiris Blue Cafe
Bourbon Street
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I just returned from my first visit to New Orleans. I went to see the Vagina Monologues tenth anniversary show with a few family members. The show also happened to be on the same weeked as the French Quarter let's just say there was a party atmosphere. But in New Orleans the party never really stops. I almost didn't make it at all...I was one of those American Airlines tragedies-mine not so bad as many others. I ended up getting new and expensive tickets on another airline thanks to my very generous husband, who I think was determined to have me out of the house.

I arrived before the rest of my family-we were flying in from all parts of the country to meet. My room at the hotel wasn't ready, so I stored my bags and walked down to Bourbon Street. It was only a few minutes from my hotel. Bourbon Street definitely lived up to it's reputation. It was bar after bar with strip clubs in between. Everyone was walking around the street with drink in hand and having a ball...and this was at about 11 a.m.- I can only imagine what Mardi Gras must look like!

I took a ton of photos... lord knows I needed some inspiration and a break from Minnesota grey. I love the color of the old buildings , the shutters and the hidden courtyards. The balconies were beautiful and well utilized on Bourbon Street. I walked until I had blisters on every inch of my feet. For some reason cute shoes were just not meant for long walks...go figure!

We went to a flea market near the french Market where I took a picture of these masks. Later while having lunch, I spied this hearse decorated with all kinds of crazy things. I thought that the flamingos were an especially nice touch. I think that I will have to add a couple to my next painting.

Flea Market Masks Flamingo Hearse

I also took many pictures of balconies and anything with greenery on it. I think that I really need spring to come... and soon!
Yellow House


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