Wednesday, January 23, 2008

January Work

It's been a while since I have posted, but believe it or not I am actually working. I have been toiling over a commission for a while and have finally completed it. There are a total of four pieces, with three being custom and one that had been completed previously.

This one is titled Lola's Beginning and is the main piece of the commission because it is the most personal image to the buyer. She is currently awaiting the birth of her first child, while at the same time renovating her Skin Care Clinic with her husband. She wanted the piece to have elements relating to what was happening in their lives around the time of her pregnancy.

The baby is represented as the little bean form held in her hand. The sort of heart shaped chair represents their union and love. Her husband has a son from a previous marriage- he is the one snowboarding off of to the right. Their dog is on the left looking for some attention and trying to get in on the action. My client owns land in a tropical area and wanted that represented as well-hence the palms and the tropical bird. There are also a few hidden symbols in the picture that represent unity( look for the infinity signs hidden in the flooring).

The next two images are smaller and are more representative of the clientele at the clinic. Many are independent women taking some time to care for themselves. I wanted the images to reflect that kind of confidence.

The final image that I am posting was not commissioned but purchased directly from the studio to be the main piece one would see as you enter the office. This piece is titled The Secret. I personally love the composition of this and I love how the colors are so bright considering how dull the landscape looks around this time of year in Minnesota. I have all of my favorite elements in this dog Sam,my Chinese lantern and of course my caffeinated beverage. I've also started adding this tea pot form that I like for whatever reason.


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