Friday, July 27, 2007

In a New York Minute...

What can I say about New York...there is so much to do and see, this truly is a city that never sleeps. I just returned from a trip to Manhatten, my husband and I stayed for 6 nights. Little did I know how much walking I would be in for. I of course brought cute shoes...not necessarily the best for touring the city on foot. I think it is virtually impossible for any one who lives in that city to be over weight considering the amount of pedestrian excersize one gets in a day. I for one was happy to eat my way through the city knowing that I would be walking for miles after each meal. Calories...what calories!

I think that we crammed in just about everything a tourist could possibly want to see. We toured the statue of Liberty, researched my immigrant ancestors on Ellis Island, saw three Broadway shows and managed to get tickets to the David Letterman Show! Did I mention that this whole trip was part of an award my husband earned through his company?

The cherry on top of the cake that was New York was a dinner at the Stock Exchange. We had appetizers on the trading floor along with some awesome mixed drinks( I had a martini that matched my orange dress). Dinner followed in an upstairs board room. The table was set for fifty and looked like something out of a magazine. The most amazing part, aside from the unbelievable food, were the Broadway singers who sang for us during dinner...(is this what it is like to be rich)?

It was an amazing trip, exhausting, but amazing.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hot Mama Profile

Life in Wonderland
pastel on paper

Last month the owner of the Hot Mama stores asked me to do an interview and photo shoot with my kids at my studio to be included in a portion of their web site titled Hot Moms that do Cool Things. My kids, particularly my eldest daughter, were excited to be a part of this. My work is displayed in 4 the dressing rooms as a part of the decor. I like to think of it as having a captive audience!

I have also been traveling like a crazy person this summer for shows and have not had a ton of time to post new work. So check out these two new pastels...I actually created a piece which includes a male figure.

Made For You

pastel on paper