Saturday, November 10, 2007

A Cure for November Grey

Is it already November? It has been so grey here in the great white north.
November is always the greyest month of the year. After a while it can be rather depressing . In my attempt to keep myself from getting seasonal affective disorder I paint. I try to keep the grey away but it seems that the longer that I live in Minnesota the more the color of the landscape seeps into my paintings. Don't get me wrong, I like the changing seasons and the color it brings, but come winter time I really have to think about what hot pink looks like. I am posting a few new paintings that are on display at my studio right now that I completed recently.

Two of my paintings actually have men in them! Oh my!They just keep popping up. Maybe it is my innate need for romance that I am fulfilling. The one with all of the red is called Spell on You. I was trying to think of a title that would fit and was listening to Aqualung at the time when a portion of one of the lyrics caught my ear and seemed to fit. I like the idea of being catered to...or serenaded. It's a hopeful fantasy.
The other couple painting is titled Over the Moon. I wanted to create an image of a loving couple enjoying some time together. My husband and I are finally getting more "alone" time, mainly because our kids are older and we are now able to get out more.
The last picture-the one with the swan and the woman is tentatively titled Life in Slow Motion, after a song by David Gray. My life is really just the opposite as I am always running around with the kids or schlepping my artwork from one venue to the next. But when I have a moment I do like to just sit and chat with my kids and slow life down a bit.


Anonymous becca said...

I love that you use the word schlep in your blog :)


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