Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Glass Slipper

I am what you call a shoe hound. I have more than I need, but I can always find reasons to purchase another pair....does anyone else have this problem? This painting started out with two women in it but I ended up editing out the extra figure. I liked the idea that the lady in the composition might be trying on different shoes but having a hard time making a decision. It made me think of a particular friend that I have who has been dating a lot recently...trying to find someone who "fits". The thing that I have always loved about shoes is that they were always the only thing left that would fit after I had my kids. I could never be too fat for them. When I needed a little retail therapy shoes always seemed to hit the spot. There is nothing like a hot little pair of red heels to make you feel good!They are the proverbial glass slippers.


Anonymous true nature said...

beautiful painting! i love your work - just found your blog from your sister kathleen, :)

ps, the sentiment about the shoes is right on!

6:56 PM  

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