Monday, March 12, 2007

An offbeat family portrait

I have never been one to have my family sit for a picture. I don't really think that it captures what we are about. I decided to draw a picture that is more symbolic of who we are rather than a depiction of what we look like. I also added in our menagerie of pets to round off the composition.
I am of course in the center, because I am the queen- if only in my mind. My husband is standing behind me and is my support- he is really the king but I choose not to let him know that, I like to think that I have some control! My eldest son ,Nick, is standing near by looking cool- he is rolling into his teen years. My other son, Ryan, can be identified by his extra long eyelashes. Unfortunately god gave them to him and not me. My daughter Maddie is merrily dancing with Ryan and working on being the center of attention . She plans to either be the president of the United States or the winner of American Idol. Emilie, the youngest, is doing one of her silly dances near me and showing off her ever flamboyant personality.
I added my dog Sam standing near Emily-they are a pair. My crazy cat Noelle is floating near the top of the picture ready to pounce when we are unaware. At the bottom of the picture is Speedy the mutant fish that my scientist dad gave me. He has been cloned with an added jellyfish protien and glows in the dark.
I think this picture is more telling than any photograph!


Blogger re:becca said...

christina...i absolutely LOVE it! and it captures your family so well.

9:14 PM  
Anonymous mary Jane said...

I just love the idea of being a queen...sounds like lots of fun as is your take of a family portrait. I think you captured the family energy with amazing clarity....

9:17 PM  
Anonymous Wende said...

I adore your family portrait. this is exactly the kind of thing I'd want of my family. :D

(oh, here from your sister's site, who just happens to be my neighbor! At least, I hope I have that right, heh)

1:17 AM  

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