Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Ugly Phase

Ahh yes, another year come and gone. I am officially rounding the bend to fourty...Where, by the way ,I hear is a great place to be. I decided that this year I would throw myself a little wine tasting party to celebrate my inner wino. I invited all of my favorite people, so it should be a good time.
I also started a new painting on my b-day. My son asked me why I was working on my birthday, I said painting is not work when you are doing something you love. I have barely had any time to get into the studio lately,and it made me happy just to be creative if only for a short period of time. My other son was trying to make sense of this new piece-it had some wierd colors going on for a figurative painting. I said that the painting was in its ugly stage, a.k.a. the underpainting. This piece will be part of my figurative series that in my head I call the "girl in trouble" paintings. I stole that line from a song, but it seemed to fit. This piece will depict a woman painting her nails as she is staring at a newspaper headline and trying to make some sense of the world. I haven't quite decided what the headline will be, but I am tempted to use one from the Daily Astorian- a paper that my sister subscribes to in Astoria, Oregon. It has a small town quirkiness that is very amusing, and fits with my sense of humor.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Hot Mama

I am so excited to have some of my art work hanging at Hot Mama. If you haven't heard of this store it is probrably because they are a small independently owned shop located in three locations around the twin cities and in one location near Chicago. They cater to pregnant woman as well as women with children or no children at all who are complete clothes hounds and love style. The owners chose four images of mine that are about women to adorn their dressing rooms...I like a captive audience! I dragged my best girl friend and our daughters into the store the other day to check out how everything looked. The cool thing was that our daughters were entertained, not by the art work, but by the fun things they had in the store for kids while the moms shopped. I actually had to convince my girls it was time to go...that is a first! Their website is