Monday, August 14, 2006

The Big New Tent

I am entering this summers home stretch for art fairs. I just completed the Powderhorn art fair where I got to show off my new trimline tent...I feel an advertisement coming on. I recently upgraded from the ever lovely e-z up ( easy for who?) , which broke at an earlier art fair. I decided to bite the bullet and spend the big bucks on a sturdier tent meant for art fair that doesn't leak or take off like a kite when the wind kicks up. It also is a lot bigger height wise, and is able to display my ever growing canvases to their best advantage. My largest painting is just under 6 feet tall...let's just say it doesn't take much to fill my booth. The only problem with the new booth is that it is quite labor intensive...meaning it has a lot of parts, unlike the other thing that just popped up. It took me 5 hours to set it up in my front yard the first time, three hours the second time and about 2 and a half hours at my last fair. My neigbors asked me if I was going to put a keg in it and have a party. Maybe next time. The tent may take forever and a day to set up, but it looks great , so no complaints here.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Even cowgirls get the blues...

My sister sent me a picture of her friends five year old daughter all dressed up for a visit. What I loved was the total pride that this little girl took in her miss matched sequin tank top and pink flowery skirt. But, what I truly loved, were the red cowgirl boots and the diva pose she had in the picture. I have two daughters, and this picture drew me in on so many levels. My girls love to dress up, and by the way, so does their mother. I think we all need a pair of red cowgirl boots, if not for any reason, just to remember our inner diva. I created a painting based on the picture that my sister sent me. I love nostalgia, and this may be the closest that I will ever get to a nostalgic type of painting.