Friday, October 06, 2006

Black Sheep

I have been showing some of my pastel drawings at an indepently owned coffee shop in South Saint Paul during the month of September and through the rest of this week. I actually sold two paintings...maybe the caffine had something to do with it. This painting was sold to a couple and it is titled "Save the Last Dance." I remembered to bring my camera during one of my visits and took a few snap shots of the shop. As always my little apprentice Emilie was along for the ride. She made me listen to the soundtrack of Disney's Highschool Musical all the way there and all the way back...that's 90 minutes to you and me! The scary part is that I actually started to sing along. At the end of our visit we came away with a check for my sold painting , some hot cocoa, and a latte for moi. Just my type of business meeting.


Blogger re:becca said...

"gotta get your head in the game"


9:28 PM  
Anonymous mary jane said...

Hi Chris...any chance I can get to see a grandkid I'm overjoyed...kisses to Emilie and congrats on the sale of your pastel...hugs to everyone...

10:20 PM  
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