Monday, May 22, 2006

Oy! Art Fairs

I just completed the kick off fair of the season. I have to say it was not that great...hopefully things will pick up at the next one. On a positive note I had a lot of great feed back from fair goers on my new paintings. I didn't see any disgusted looks, and most people saw the humor in my painting titled Beautiful Disaster, which I had as the focal point in my booth. By the way...I have officially dubbed it the Cheez-it painting. More people commented on the Cheez-it and Merlot combo then I ever would have expected. Anyway, my next fair is in two weeks and it is one of the bigger fairs with over 400 artists...yikes! So hopefully some of my original art will sell...if not, that's just more art for my walls!


Blogger Liquid Sky Arts said...

Oye is right! Your booth looks really inviting though...I'm sure you'll have better luck at the next fair. I love that Emily kept you company, she's such a cutie! :)

9:50 PM  
Blogger Sarah said...

Your booth looks wonderful! Good luck at the next fair!

8:56 PM  
Anonymous MJ said...

Hi chris,

remember those 8's, and you will have a successful art you

3:09 PM  
Anonymous mary jane said...

Good luck this weekend....

12:18 AM  

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