Friday, March 24, 2006

My Crazy Cat Painting

I decided that I needed to do a painting about something that makes me laugh and makes me crazy at the same time. My cat has been a constant source of the crazies for me for the past 13 years. We have an agreement- I won't have any more children and she will stop scratching up my furniture and attacking my feet as I get into bed at night. I also needed some bright color, some flowers and did I mention we need spring to come to Minnesota, I'm a woman on the edge. This painting is in progress. I like that it is sketchy and has the potential for lots of layers. I am also posting a picture of my cat that I took today as she was lounging on her favorite furry blanket.


Blogger andrea said...

I came to your blog via your mom...she said you were a fantastic artists and I must agree!! Wow your work is fantastic, I love it. I will be back again!

4:41 PM  

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