Monday, March 28, 2005

illustration friday-crowded

This chaotic picture is what it looks like when all of my kids and all of their friends are over at my house playing. Did I mention that I have four kids?

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Illustration Friday-Bloom

Spring is here for a few minutes at least in Minnesota, so this weeks theme is definitely perfect. I drew this picture a while back of a miniature willow tree, it was starting to bloom and I thought it to be a little piece of spring in the land of the frozen tundra . I don't generally draw landscapes or things from nature, so this was a departure from my normal routine, but at the time I felt like I needed to capture the moment.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Illustration Friday-fragile

I tried to think of fragile things like babies, glass lanterns, vases , my self esteem at times and this is what I came up with for this weeks illustration. My drawings tend to be over stuffed and frantic which basically is a metaphor for my life and frame of mind as it is presently.
I also experimented a bit with layering papers and painting more with my pastels by mixing them with an acrylic medium and layering pastel ground over the collaged papers so that they could be drawn on more effectively.
All Things Fragile

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Illustration Friday- Ancient

This weeks subject was a bit tough for me. I didn't want to just draw a picture of something old, so I got a bit conceptual. This morning I read an article in the paper about how women are more able to make a come back in their careers after a major setback. Take for example, the Martha Stewart stock scandal( which after serving time she is coming out better than when she went in), the Paris Hilton internet sex video( which brought her modeling and book deals), and Kirstie Alley's big fat come back( capitalize on the fat and laugh all the way to the bank Kirstie). These women have been able to redefine the scarlet letter as ancient. Men seem to be able to ride out their scandals and come through in good repair,many times better than before the scandal. There are plenty of examples of the public saying bad boys will be boys, but nobody said girls would be girls, until now. Times are definitely changing.
This illustration is a reaction to the now ancient and albeit obsolete scarlet letter.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Illustration Friday Jazz post

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Let it snow

Minnesota is definitely known for its cold weather, but one would think that we would get a lot more snow. Well, as the saying goes, don't wish too hard you might get what you ask for. A few weeks ago we had a really wet snowfall( yes, this California gal has learned that there are many different types of snowfall). It looked so beautiful that morning,completely new and untouched,so my husband took a few pictures of our backyard.

This was taken from our back porch.

This is my four year old daughter Emilie posing in front of her snowman that she built with her dad. Wet snow is definitely the best kind to build a snowman( just a little factoid).
As for me, I like to enjoy the snow from my studio, it's a lot warmer . It's hard to think of color when all you see outside is white and grey. I had to open a few art books,mostly books on Matisse, to get some color inspiration. When I paint all winter for my summer shows my palate tends to get a little bit subdued and it needs a little boost. I have been working on another in my series of pink ladies. This piece is still in progress, but I thought that I would share a portion of it with you( all 5 of you that read my journal that is). It is still far from complete in my mind. I still need to make a few adjustments and layer some more color, but it is bright enough to make me happy for he time being and help me forget about winter for a while.