Monday, February 21, 2005

Self Portrait

Do you ever feel like you are coming apart at the seams? Motherhood will definitely do that to you. This morning I am hiding from my four year old who is currently throwing a fit for no particular reason other than she feels as though she has been wronged in some way that the rest of us don't quite understand. She is,at this very moment, hurling toys at her bedroom door trying to create as loud a thunk as possible. Unfortunately I have only had one cup of coffee today and am not ready to face the world of children head on quite yet. I'll get there eventually.

This is my self portrait, in it I am coming apart at the seams and chaos reigns all around. At least I had a good weekend. My husband, good guy that he is, watched the kids for more than a few hours while I visited an artist friend. I have to say that it was good to get out of the house for a while. My friend has been working on frames for me( we do tend to clash form time to time on the framing), but we are working out the kinks. I posted a picture of the funky frame he helped create from an idea that I had, can I say it again, I love that frame. I think that I am going to have him create a few more for me. So far, all that have seen the painting have loved it. It is always nice to get positive feedback from time to time-or any feedback at all for that matter. I do know that framing is the most tedious and frustrating part of the art business(besides slow sales), because as soon as you think it is perfect you find something wrong like a smudge inside the glass or dust you missed. It sucks. Joel(a.k.a. my framer) is discovering this the hard way. It becomes even tougher when you are already in a dusty environment like a wood shop. Anyway thanks to Joel for his patience and thanks to my awesome husband Bob for letting me spend time away from my kids for the sake of my sanity. I may actually be able to survive the week cooped up in the house.


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